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Are you a current Eheim customer? Has your warranty expired? Don’t ship your filter back to Eheim (Canada for U.S. customers)! Save yourself the hassle and purchase our high quality grade O-rings.

These custom made high quality industrial grade o-rings are made of a special synthetic rubber that resists petroleum based oils and fuels, water and alcohols. When placed inside an aquarium filter, you don’t need to buy special water based lubricants to lubricate these o-rings during installation or regular maintenance; you can simply use plain VaselineTM.

These o-rings have a shelf life of 15 years which means you can buy one, two or three spare o-rings and don’t have to worry about it going bad for many years. Compared to the original Eheim o-rings these special industrial grade o-rings can outperform and outlast it by a wide margin.

These o-rings were custom made for the Eheim Professional II 2026/2028/2126/2128 canister filter (2126 and 2128 models are Thermo/Heater versions). Made in USA.


These O-rings were made from Buna-N, also known as Standard Nitrile, in 1933 during World War II. Buna-N is a synthetic copolymer rubber that has an excellent resistance to petroleum-based oils and fuels, water and alcohols. Nitrile is also known to have resistance against acids and bases, excluding strong oxidizing agents.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, ozone and highly polar solvents such as Acetone, MEK, and etc.

Temperature range of –40° to 120°C (–40° to 248°F)

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